Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lost Gravity- S/T debut album review

Lost Gravity
Lost Gravity

Coming from London, Lost Gravity are a band that has a surprisingly American sound. The hard rock/heavy metal band have been together since 2007, self-releasing three EPs from 2008 to 2012. Their self-titled debut album is an interesting release. While the band has been a three-piece group since 2011, the album was recorded with only two people playing: guitarist/bassist/singer Breno Val and drummer Giuliano Kolling. For a sound so powerful and heavy, it’s amazing that this is coming from just two musicians.

            The album opens with the guitar heavy “What Comes Around Goes Around.” From the first track alone, you know what you’re in for: this is going to be a heavy album. In terms of comparing the group to another, the band sound like a later day Metallica with some grunge and alternative influences thrown in. Val’s vocals are similar to those of James Hetfield throughout the album, although Val’s vocals are somewhat higher and smoother. An example of this can be found in the hard-hitting “Changes,” which has some catchy hooks while still maintaining a hard rock sound. “Back Where You Belong” is another heavy tune, with a Sabbath/Alice In Chains guitar riff leading the track throughout.

            The band slows things down with “Alone.” With a track this laid back, Val’s vocals shine on here to great effect. The song even utilizes in a string section, which gives the track a dramatic feel. Other highlights from the album include the prog-rock (Queensryche comes to mind) sounding “Anywhere But Home,” the crunchy “All the Same,” and the heavy duty sounds of “Venom in a Vial” (which features some thunderous drumming from Kolling).

            Overall, Lost Gravity’s debut album is worth a listen from any fan of rock music. Now with an album and few EPs under their belts, Lost Gravity have a lot to offer to the world of hard rock and heavy metal.  

Lost Gravity debut album comes out on 13th of October on Priston Records
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